How do you say 12 30 pm in spanish

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Admin
Please give me some scenario where nothing much is used as answer, thank you. Best Answer - Chosen by the Asker. What other words would you like to learn in Spanish.

If you were wondering how to say the twelve months of the year in Spanish, that would be los doce meses del ano.

Hoy hay espaguetis para comer, no. Do you know how to say straw in Spanish. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. This is a phrase you'll use for the rest of your Spanish-learning life. Try to look at the learning process as a journey and enjoy the journey. Hola como estan alguien que sepa del tema de las chicas me puede ayudar.
What accent would this be considered. How do you respond to Hola, Que tal. This makes sense, because the first is very early 'afternoon' while the second is very early morning. The abbreviation 'am' stands for 'ante meridiem', which is a Latin term meaning 'before noon', while 'pm' stands for 'post meridiem' meaning 'after noon'.