How to write a pop song on piano

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Admin
Pop songs usually have choruses that repeat, an emotional main idea and verses that tell a story. Lets check out a diverse and fun selection of easy po. Learning how to write a piano song can be difficult but Nate Bosch walks you through the process in this free video piano lesson. Everyone loves hearing covers of songs on the radio performed live, whether its at a wedding, talent show, or private concert.
Sitting down at your piano and playing the different chords that make up the key, just messing around and playing them in different orders, will give you the same knowledge. When I sit down to write a song, I know how the chords relate to each other in a particular key. In our case it's an A minor chord.
Start by looking at a handful of your favourite songs. Happily, for the aspiring hit-writer pop structures are easily learned. Take some time to listen to a few examples of whichever you choose to get a feel for them. Take note of the rhythms, structure, and harmonic progression of other songs of the type you choose. The new chord is going to be the VI chord.