How does sound travel through air

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Dennise
Stretching a slinky across a desk and pushing one end rapidly illustrates the compression that causes air particles to bunch together as the wave is sent along the spring. A demonstration of how particles vibrate and collide with one another to create sound. Why does sound travel fastest through air. I dont have any credentials, but to my knowledge, ill explain it as best I can.

Yes - That is how we hear sounds.

When a drum is hit, the air particles next to the drum skin vibrate and collide with other particles, and this vibration is then transmitted through the air. The process repeats until the vibrations lessen and the sounds begin to dissipate. Does sound travel more easily through moist air than dry air. If you snap your fingers, sound resonates because molecules in the air vibrate, and bump into each other. When you talk under water it is difficult to hear what is said because water has more atoms than air. How does the sound travel through the atoms in the air.

That sound has traveled through air.

Does sound travel slower through thinner air. Sound conduction through air is dependent on temperature and the strength of the sound, but sound can travel extremely far in the air. Why does sound travel faster in water than air.