Why does he try to be funny around me

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Londa
Boys usually try to act cool around you, but when I met Ty-Ty, he acted normal. So you have the two different, conflicting desires trying to play out in the guys' head at the same time. She may think they will make fun of her or something.
And we kissed, We were climbing a tree. I tried befriending an ex once I ended up ignoring him because I realized I was forcing myself to be nice. Yes she is worried what they would think about her. Is it any wonder that he acts funny. I gave it to him, and we both leaned over, and kissed on the lips. He has beautiful green eyes, and he has a really adorable smile. I found a rock that was shaped like a heart.
He did that a few weeks back, why. When a boy likes you how does he act around you. I don't need to say hi because to me, we become strangers all over again after a break up. We were up at Franklin Field, and we kissed, on the lips. When I do that, ignore an ex, is because they cease to exist in my eyes. She probaly likes u but can not show her friend s or she will not be cool. He did that just the other day.