How to make cardboard box car

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Admin
You need nothing to purchase from the market rather all these things might be available at your home. Seal a large cardboard box with packing tape. Fold this flap in half so that.
Let your kid decorate and paint it in the way he wants. Large custom boxes can be transformed into kids size card while smaller custom packaging boxes can be converted into little toy cars. It would be a great DIY project free of cost. Next time you find yourself about to throw away or recycle a cardboard box, consider making it into a car. To make it strong glue it on a strong cardboard sheet. Close the bottom flaps of the large box into a regular box base and glue them into place. Here's a fun project that's easy to do and your kids will love the outcome.
Making a cardboard box car is an interesting idea. It helped teach me how to make a cardboard car. Make sure the top and bottom are closed. Finally, fix it on the inside of the windscreen as shown in the picture below.