Microsoft 3000 wireless keyboard not working

Posted on 18.06.2018 by Frankie
When I plugin the USB receiver to my computer, it recognizes it immediately and says he's ready to be used. The F Lock goes to 'OFF' automatically while I am working with different windows. The receiver is fine, as the mouse still works.
They're both Bluetooth and use the same receiver. When i plugin the USB-reciever to my computer it recognizes it immedately and says it's ready to be used. Whatever method you use to open your that the keyboard is set to open Internet Explorer using that software's se. Go ahead and plug the cable and receiver into the computer so that your wireless mouse and keyboard has a means to communicate with the computer. I would be grateful I have no significant experience about keyboards drivers.
Next, Here is a website address where you can download drivers for your mouse and keyboard. And let me know if there are any further problems. I had restored the indicator briefly for one day by. Unplugged and plugged in the KVM Switch. You must first choose either mouse or keyboard, then the exact product and model, then the operating system, and finally the language. Repeat the process for the other device mouse or keyboard, whichever you did not choose first. The problem was that my Human solved my own problem.