Maplestory how to get item extractor

Posted on 18.06.2018 by Erna
A confirmation window will open when you try to extract. Got myself a ult with a Kanna, and my demon slayer using demon cry, with spider familiar.

I'm new to maplestory, and I killed the sprouts since I'm supposed to get them, but how do I get the stuff it gives you when you do kill them.

Item Extraction Guideedit edit source. WillSu How do you extract items. How to Farm Superior and Advanced Item Crystals GuideMapleStory. They're required to make some things in Accessory Crafting. Finally, all items within the Style Crate can be purchased directly, either from the Premium tab of the Meret Market for Merets, or in the Style Coin Shop for Style Coins.
Weapons, armor, and accessories of all ranks can be extracted. Maple Story how to get Item Crystals - DaBoki. Tap Extract in the bag to extract an item. How To Self Extract Equipment MapleStory. Items that are extracted disappear and cannot be restored. Items from the Style Crate cannot be sold or traded to other players, but can be placed in the bank and thus given to other characters on the same account. This guide will teach you all about Extraction in MapleStory.