Why unions are good

Posted on 22.06.2018 by Sibyl
Sally Kohn explains why unions are good for all workers. The punters on the course were all from companies and what they wanted to know was why trade unions are a good thing for business. So I have decided to put the arguments together in one place. Much of the private sector do not have weekends offif they did, their profits would go out the window.
He listed reasons why we should all thank unions. Nothing wrong with that, but if you really want to reduce inequality at work, get a trade union. At nonunion schools teachers are often weighed down with unnecessary labor such as yard duty and supervising school events. Most salaried workers in America take work home. The short, Youtube, video that.

Trade unions reduce inequality.

Looking to unions to define our work week, in my opinion, is not a benefit. Indiana Republicans are trying to cram through a law that will hurt the hardworking people of the state. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has finally won his first battle with public employee unions. We are all against inequality, right. Apart from the eye watering prices for beer, I had a really good time.