How to make ground spinners fireworks

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Ardell
Have a hose, fire extinguisher, or water supply near by. Set your spinner on your paper and play. The Leading Authority in Fireworks Safety.

You can experiment with dripping the paint while its spinning.

Even when youre grown and have kids of your own, nothing can kill your boyish desire to make a racket with fireworks. In Bill's book, a number of chapters follow, which show you how to make increasingly complex and striking spark wheels. Use a Phantom Pyro Torch, punk or extended lighter to light. Be sure to wear Safety Glasses and Safety Gloves when lighting.
Make sure you are able to squirt the paint. Tube type spinners Ground Blooms can easily spin on asphalt or compacted dirt. After you light the fuse move a safe distance away.