Upright sprinkler head installation

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Debi
Major manufacturers offer pendent fire sprinklers in a range of K-factors, orifice sizes, and spray patterns to protect buildings of all kinds, from multi-level warehouses to daycares. You cannot install an upright sprinkler in the pendent position, for example.
Unlike concealed pendent sprinklers which hide behind decorative plates, the head of a traditional pendent fire sprinkler remains visible after installation. Ready to learn more about how Upright Sprinkler Design Company can help you with your next fire sprinkler protection system. What is an upright sprinkler head. Upright sprinklers are installed where obstructions interfere with coverage and in dry-pipe systems facing freezing temperatures. Prior to installing the sprinklers, if applicable, verify that the face of the sprinkler fitting is within the. Proper range of distance, which can be accommodated by the type of escutcheon being used. The Upright Sprinklers and the Pendent Sprinklers must be installed in accordance with the following instructions.

What is the effectiveness of fire sprinkler system in relation to its installation sprinkler head height.

Refer to specific installation standards. How Do Fire Sprinklers Know There's A Fire. The sprinkler threads, hand tighten the sprinkler into the sprinkler fitting.