Why is social security called the third rail of politics

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Gabriela
If Reagan wasn't willing to get out in front of the issue, members of Congress wondered, why should they. It was House Speaker Tip O'Neill who coined the phrase and O'Neill who, more than anyone, made Social Security murderous to touch. Perry is a critic, but he has talked himself into his own mandate, the need to grasp the situation firmly. As the dollar declines, and the deficits continue, it will be interesting to see which is sacrificed first in the American Empire.

Proposing changes to Social Security is like touching the third rail of a subway system.

Why do third parties form in politics. Why is Social Security Called the Third Rail of American Politics. What inspired the third rail of a nation's politics' metaphor creation. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, a man who liked to muse aloud about public policy. Since then, that's been conventional wisdom in US politics.
When should I claim my Social Security. I believe in them as a matter of social justice. Is social security included in the federal budget. Wendell Willkie, Thomas Dewey and Dwight Eisenhower kept their mitts off the third rail of Social Security. What is the status of social security.