Leviton decora switch installation

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Admin
Mount the Wall Switch Transmitter at the desired location by installing the back plate TOP up using the screws provided. I started with a wall switch, i have installed everything according to the manual. The led indicator at the bottom works, im able to pair and control the switch with google home But unfortunately my lights remains off. Its not the fixtures, i have tested it and they work with the old switch.
Leviton's Decora Smart Switch works with Apple HomeKit technology to provide an easy, secure way to control lights and more from your iPhone or iPad. Youll notice they added a white wire into the mix. Easily replaces existing switches - just be sure you have a neutral connection, it's required for installation. The Easy Way To Put Your Bath Fans Light and Fan on Separate Switches With Some LuckSparky Channel. They have multiple flat buttons and graphics on them and in.

Decora Smart Home app lets you control connected loads along with custom settings such as fade rate, bulb type, brightness levels, and LED response.

Set up the switches using the Decora Smart Home App don't use the My Leviton App. Today, we do a single pole install for rooms with a single switch location. If the same as what you have, look closely at the diagram showing how your existing box is wired, and then the diagram that shows the wiring of the new switch. Remove the wall switch cover from the back plate. Use the My Leviton App to manage lighting anytime, from anywhere.