Why my iphone speaker no sound

Posted on 26.06.2018 by Cary
Unfortunately, the hardware is a different story. So you may have just noticed that there isnt any sound coming out of your iPhone speakers. Why is there no sound coming out of my iPhone speakers.
Flash the light into the iPhone speaker and check out if theres dust or debris present. You may have the wrong settings which are stopping sounds from coming out of your iPhone speakers. Low sound coming from speaker with volume on max. IPhone no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc iPhone no sound as stuck in headphone mode Follow these steps and hopefully your iPhone will be back to its prior glory. If so flick the other way to loud mode. The iPhone speaker is one of the most damage-prone components on iPhones.

Go to settings general reset reset all settings.

Right now, its hard to say as I dont have your iPhone. If your iPhone No Speaker Sound Caused by Pseudo Soldering please follow me. Get help with the speaker on your iOS device. If there is a temporary glitch on the iPhone this will eliminate that glitch. What Causes iPhone Speakers To Stop Working. At this point, we simply dont know. Otherwise clean it up carefully by taking the thin stick.