Wrye bash installer not working

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
These must be installed using the wine control panel gui or a similar install method by the shell. It should come compiled inside a folder. I just find the standalone to be quicker and easier, but then I make a lot of changes quite often.

Select the package and review the information in the package details panel.

This comment has been minimized. Right-click on the Installers tab or 'File' header, I forget which one and choose 'Open. It's got a pretty complicated installer, and I've gotten a lot of requests for Wrye Bash support.
The icon will appear on the bottom bar with all of the other utility icons. Now just install the current Standalone version as per the instructions in this guide. Follow the steps below to ensure it all works. BodySlide should now run as usual. Make sure you actually placed the archive in there.