Vectone sim card not working

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
More Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki. Download our app today and see how easy it is to get started. If i send a text message and the number i have sent it to has blocked my number would i still get a delivery report back to say the person as recieved. You may be asked security questions in order to verify that you are the account holder.

You can now register your Prepaid SIM using one of the options below.

My samsung galaxy keeps saying message failed when i try to text my friend why it also says call ended when i try to fone same number has she blocked. I dont know my vectone mobile number. Vectone Mobile UK Review - Amazing Product with Credit TransferVectoneMobileUk. To find out about what you can do with our Mobile App, please click here.
If I lose my Vectone Mobile SIM card, can I move my old number to a new SIM. How do I configure my mobile data. I've forgotten my log-in details for My Vectone. I activated my prepaid sim card yesterday. How many days will it take to transfer my existing mobile number to my new Vectone Mobile SIM. Just call Customer Service and we can arrange for your old number to be moved to a new SIM card. Tried using the new contact on blackberry but got short message transfer rejected.