Crv dome light not working

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Myrtis
On, or off the front however is totally different and wired unique. As you know the drivers door is unique, as it operates the keys left in igntion, or head lights left on, mode. The rear light is directly controlled lamp to rear lamp. My map lights work but the dome lights do not work in either the on or door position.

If any of the other switches are bad will this have any effect on.

I have replaced the drivers door jamb switch, bulbs but the interior lights do not come on either in the door open or on position. I tried jumping the vehicle with two different cars. I must say, I love Honda's, but I find this switch annoying. Honda CRV Dash Instrument Lights Not Working - Solution Fix. The mechanic says he has to run test to find out what is wrong.

I have switched it back and forth but it stays on AC.

Your vehicle may have other problems but this was mine and it corrected the problem. I have switched it back and forth but it stay. Recently I started having problems with my dome light. If those work right then the drivers door switch, is, working. Every once and a while it would kind of blink but, now within the past week, it just died. Honda's have a switch position that turns off the dome light completely, so it won't work when the doors are opened or not shut tightly.