How to set google as your search engine firefox

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Alisia
It provides a unified search and address bar. If you are using Edge, your default search engine is likely to be Bing. To get results from Google each time you search, you can make Google your default search engine. Navigate to the Settings icon upper right-hand corner of your home screen, next to the X to close the browser - Click Settings, then look at the drop down menu next to Search.
Change your language on Google. Select your preferred search engine from the list and click Make Default button. I inadvertently set yahoo as default via a separate app bittorrent and now can't find how to reset google as default search engine. See Search suggestions in Firefox for more information. Next, look for the Default Search Engine section and select Google as the default search engine. Under Default Search Engine, select Google.
Firefox allows you to include results from several search engines, which may be handy for some users. Click on Set as Default button. Change Default Search Engine in Edge Formerly Internet Explorer.