Chrome to phone install

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Monty
If you configured Chrome to Phone to automatically open links, your phone will automatically launch the proper app to open the link. If you are in my same position, you can download the Chrome to Phone APK file and install it manually.
You should clear the cache from your phone settings and then try again. Launch the installed Chrome to Phone application in. Country specific restrictions are in place for unknown reasons. Installed Successfully But Still Facing problems. How do I install a Chrome extension on UiPath.
How do I install the vidIQ extension on Android. I had to manually download the APK to install it. All in all, the app is a very handy extension from Google Chrome which you may find very useful for seamlessly sending any information to your Android Phone. Upon successful transmission, you will see a confirmation message. Your Chrome browser is now configured but we still have to install the Android app.