How to get star on facebook

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Admin
Review Site Masterclass, my online training programme for hotels, bars and restaurants, is available for anyone who wants to get more reviews as quickly and easily as possible. Expand navigation headerCollapse navigation header.

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If your business is any other type then talk to me about Digital Business Power and make sure your company is using online reviews to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Facebook just recently added a feature to its existing live stream feature that support Gamers and Streamers, a way for viewer to give a tip or donation to their favorite live streamers in Facebook. To develop an account and increase page rankings, you can independently work on the content or use boost services. The new feature is what they call a Stars, it is ad. How many ratings and reviews have you received on your Facebook Page.

It's also possible your business just doesn't lend itself well to ratings, or maybe you're tired of Facebook deciding what shows on your page.

IF you're doing your job right they will be more than happy to give you a review. Manage your payment methods for Facebook ads. However, the new profiles still do not possess enough stars to form a positive response from users. If you turn Reviews off, then you cannot show Star Ratings on your page.