What is nanofabrication

Posted on 18.06.2018 by Marcellus
Current technology mostly permits nanofabrication only in a two-dimensional sense. The precision three-grating interferometer can be produced in silicon nitride or ultrananocrystalline diamond using state-of-the-art nanofabrication.
What is the singular of nanofabrica. Popularity rank by frequency of use. What do you see as the most promising manufacturing application for nanotechnology.
Nanofabrication is the design and manufacture of devices with dimensions measured in nanometers. It is a cost-effective method whereby large-scale economy is manufactured using the same machinery and design and small amount of material. Sentences with the word nanofabrication Words that rhyme with nanofabrication What is the plural of nanofabrication. It is home to the College of Engineering and Computing and the Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility, the first centralized facility of its kind in Florida. The Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility at Florida International University is an open-access initiative in support of nano-scale devices, systems. The Arrayjet Sprint was chosen as it offers these capabilities and complements our existing micro and nanofabrication capabilities.