How to use round trip paul mitchell

Posted on 06.10.2018 by Marcelle
It was always hit or miss how my hair was going to dry. Even tried Thicken Up by the same brand, disliked went back to my holy grail Round Trip.
My favorite feature of Paul Mitchel Express Style Round Trip is how quickly it helps your hair to dry. I could look like a scarecrow one day and Shirley temple the next. Apply a small amount to palms, working evenly through damp or dry hair. I used to put in some cheap hair gel and let it dry. Once I began using Paul Mitchel Express Style Round Trip my hair immediately responded. Tried so many products to tousel my fine hair without having that crunchy, sticky weighed down feel.

This is just perfect doesnt do any of that.

The only problem I had was that it didnt help much with my frizziness and it dried my hair out more than other products have. To be fair, my hair is dry and damaged by itself so perhaps I just need something heavier and more moisturising. Conditions and protects textured tresses, and adds weightless bounce and detail to curls and waves. I am not sure that either is appropriate. This flexible-hold styling gel lets you easily and quickly create just the right amount of texture, volume and shape while added conditioners hydrate and protect strands from damage.