How to report websites selling fake goods

Posted on 10.06.2018 by Admin
If youve unwittingly bought a fake or counterfeit product, read the Which. Ebay pays absolutely no attention to reports of fakes from other members. Since eBay can't hire experts on every single thing sold on the site, they don't and can't take sides.

I need tips on how to spot these things, thanks.

Wholesale eBay Forum Selling Products Online Marketing How to get a way selling fake goods. Previous Counterfeit and illegally imported goods. That is a fake website pretending to sell cheap merchandise. Find where the domain is registered. You are correct, the horrible grammar is a huge red flag of a fake website. It becomes a case of the person reporting saying it's fake, and the seller saying it's not. If you enter details of the counterfeit site into its reporting tool, this will be forwarded on to the brandholders protection department.
If anyone is game to throw some business ideas around and start something up that would be great. If its an item that they themselves bought, they might not be aware that its a fake. If youve found a counterfeit item on eBay, its best to report it to the seller first. Guide to see how to report fake goods and get your money back. Are you sure you want to delete this answer. Many websites selling fake items have their domains registered in China.