Picture message settings iphone 4

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
Also MMS should be turned on SettingsMessagesMMS MessagingOn. Find the best one for your iPhone. Pick the Carrier you are currently using. In my iPhone settings, send as SMS and MMS Messaging and iMessage are ON.
Also for iPhone's without a Jailbreak. Note these steps are taken on the user end with your iPhone, if the recipients phone is having a problem, youd have to have them follow the instructions separately. I was able to put a picture in the messages but it says not delivered. If you need a specific APN setting, please let us know and we will create one. Yes this will also work with Regular. We offer unlocking and repair services. Wait for the iPhone to respring and then try to send the MMS again.

If the problem that iPhone won't send picture messages is still there, then restore iPhone to factory settings.

I can receive them but when I try and send it says Not delivered. Typically picture messages send without any issue, but if you are experiencing a problem where iPhone is not sending picture messages, read the steps below to resolve the difficulty in short order. Cellular Data APN simple Username leave bank Password leave blank.