Why do i get redirected to random websites

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Magdalena
Have four virus, malware, spyware trojan horseprograms and all of them come up clean. It's redirecting me straight from the Google homepage. Here's how to remove a web browser redirect virus.
And you clicked and dutifully followed the instructions to click Yes when Chrome asked you if it was ok to install an untrusted extension. I keep getting redirected to websites I. Today, after locking out facebook. The site or an ad on it probably said something like, Your computer is running an old version of Flash and cannot play this content. Now, I assume that they have some. More info on I keep getting redirected to random web pages.
In such a case I get a Server not found error. It loads for a second the Google logo image took a really long time. Facebook widget on their page which cannot be accessed. At some point, you visited a shady website, maybe porn or just a site filled with random junk. You have a virus on you computer, and it will be challenging to remove if you can not even download the software to fix it. So I couldn't have gotten a virus lately right.