Increase smart bro internet connection speed

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Brenda
Home Tech News How to Increase Smartbro Internet Speed. So you want a faster internet connection speed out of your smartbro stick. Smart Bro allows you to share your broadband access with your peers and gives you the chance to create.
How effective are the results after applying the settings. I only using a smart buddy prepaid sim in my celphone. Are you going to pay more for this.
I do not only mean share this article on your facebook timeline but you can share your smartbro internet connection wirelessly with other computers. The new DNS settings that we entered is the Free DNS Service of Google. This Sure, just probably delete some things like games or something else that youve downloaded. How to Increase Smartbro Internet Speed. Net a smart bro plug it, pocket wifi or mybro, you can increase your ds speed, This is a very simple and easy way of increasing your internet connection speed using your SmartBRO Prepaid USB Modem. After I posted about on How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address some people asked on how they can increase their Smartbro speed connection smartbro is only available in the Philippines.