What is pushbullet

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Admin
Pushbullet comes to you, wherever you are. Chat to your phone from PC via Pushbullet.

They offer a convenient way to share things you care about that is tightly integrated into the products that you already use never more than a few clicks away.

The first step is creating a Pushbullet account on their webpage here. Hence the selected devices will always show the most important updates. Never miss a call or a text again while working at your computer. Pushbullet connects your devices, making it easy and automatic to share almost anything between them. Pushbullet shows you WhatsApp messages, texts, phone calls, and more. Getting Started With Pushbullet. Pushbullet allows you to chat simple and easy from your PC.
See your phone's notifications. Get notified about things you care about. Typing on a keyboard is so much faster than typing on a phone.