How to clean your refrigerator with baking soda

Posted on 16.05.2019 by Gregoria
The refrigerator can be the source of challenging kitchen odors and messes, but you do not have to resort to strong chemicals to keep it clean and sparkling. Clean a refrigerator with baking soda and vinegar instead, knowing that you are using natural ingredients that will not harm your health or the environment. This is why most people use harsh chemicals to deep clean which is never really safe for using around food. You will need to rinse the fridge with vinegar.

After scrubbing with baking soda, lots of particles will be left behind.

Dont forget the refridgerator gasket. How to clean your refrigerators exterior. The one thing that stands between your refrigerator and room temperature is the gasket.
Instead, you can try this safe and natural method of cleaning out your fridge. The refrigerator is where we store much of what we eat. This helps get rid of the grit of the baking soda in the fridge and reduce its white residue left on any metal parts of the fridge.