Why is there phlegm in my throat all the time

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Buster
Mucolytics may help to thin out secretions. I feel lots phlegm in my throat and my voice gets rough when l sing for long time and in high keys, please l need help.
Why am I spitting bloody phlegm balls. Regardless, phlegm signals a less. Particularly if it is in your chest.

Keep getting this Phlem stuff stuck in my throat everyday.

I'm sure you can get some saline nasal spray over the counter. How do you clear phlegm from lungs. There are some people that say drinking hot or cold water shocks the cords upon impact, which makes sense, but I dont think the effects of that would last for more than a second, so Im cool with it. What are the causes of a sore throat with bloody phlegm.