How does eco-drive charge

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Admin
Citizen makes a large range of affordable time pieces for men and women. I put my Eco's in a window sill, with the face pointing upward. If you have replaced this cell you may have damaged the watch.

Its powered by light energy, put it under a lamp or on a window sill.

By Rostislav Persion in forum Public Forum. I have done that for years, and never had any issues with the watches or their ability to stay charged. Now how can you charge the watch to the full capacity. However, if the watch does not receive enough light if it is left in a box or drawer, for example it will lose power and need recharging. An Eco-drive does not have a battery, it has a rechargeable power cell that is charged by light through the face of the watch. The Citizen Eco-Drive watch never needs a battery. The best way to charge them is in the sunlight.
How to Recharge an Eco-Drive Watch. But you do not want direct heat from the sunlight applied to the watch face on a hot day. General analogue eco drive need. What makes the Eco-Drive unique is its ability to turn any source of light whether natural or artificial into the energy it needs to power the watch mechanism. If your Citizen Eco-Drive watch stops completely, loses time or ticks erratically, it needs to be recharged. Their latest technological breakthrough is the Citizen Eco-Drive range of watches. After this extended period of time, you should ensure that your timepiece is exposed to bright light for the full recharge period as outlined above.