How do you weld copper to stainless steel

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Admin
Using a propane welder requires a very similar process required to solder plumbing pipes. How can welding copper to stainless steel.
The weld joint was not formally tested for strength and the weld was done as somewhat of a novelty. I spent a lot of time trying to weld Cu to stainless steel and I can tell that it is very difficult process and paramters window is narrow so the stability of the process can be questioned probably. Explosion welding can be used to join a copper or brass sheet to a steel plate. Not everyone has access or the training to use these types of welders, but with the proper flux, you can use a propane welder and weld a broken handle back onto a stainless steel pot. How can you weld stainless steel with flux core.
How can you braze copper to steel. Without any regard to the strength of the weld joint. Can copper be welded or just brazed. How do I weld Aluminum and copper.