How to make wire ribbon bows for wreaths

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Raleigh
Once I got the hang of this particular method, Ive found it to be the easiest way to make a bow. Sometimes I add more ribbon layers to to give it more volume and that means changing up some of the measurements. Wired ribbon can be tricky to work with because it does not behave the same way regular ribbon does.
In case you don't know, wired ribbon has thin wire in channels along its edges. The basic method is the same no matter how big or small you want to make the bow. Discover how to make wreath bows in the easiest way imaginable. Follow me as I walk you through each step.
A bow with multiple ribbons in it is an even more impressive statement. Gather all your supplies before starting the project. First and foremost, you need ribbon, preferably wired ribbon.