How to delete a gmail account on mac

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Hubert
Now, you have successfully deleted Gmail account on iPhone. Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.

This will make a permanent copy of the email from Gmail to your computers hard drive.

Note that by deleting an email account from the Mac and Mail app, you also delete all of the emails associated with that account from the Mail app as well. Change the account where this email is. Press the - button at the bottom. How to Delete Unwanted Email Addresses in Mail on Mac. G, email protected Or any other reason, you can learn how to delete a Gmail Account in this super easy process. What do you do if you wish to delete emails to de-clutter your Gmail account, but youd like to keep a copy of some emails in case you need them in the future. How to Delete a Snapchat Account.
Select the email account you want to delete. Or You want to have a more sensible name to your account than you did years ago. How to Delete All Emails in a Gmail Account. How to Remove a Mail Account from Mac OS X Pull down the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.