How to read dial calipers mm

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Reva
This will show how to properly measure parts and how to read to the thousandths. The search results are returned by relevance, if the results does not match, try another specific keyword.
This screw is used to calibrate the caliper dial. Note that on the bottom of the dial is a small screw. Upload a picture for other readers to see. If you are not familiar on how to handle zero error for vernier calipers, I suggest that you read up on Measurement of Length. Don't forget share this videos to your friends, family, and the world.

The reading on the top is the measurement obtained and the reading at the bottom is the zero error.

If there is this means the caliper needs to be clean thoroughly or there is a metal burr on the jaws that needs to be filed off. Close the caliper all the way to make sure no light can be seen through the jaws. Gun Tech Steve Ostrem demonstrates how to measure and properly read a dial caliper. With the clamp still closed, loosen the bezel nut and twist the outside of the dial until the. Inch Dial calipers are read in a similar fashion. This tool is usually used for machining and automotive applications.