How to keep yourself calm when angry

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Fairy
Here are some helpful, actionable tips you can try the next time you need to calm down. I knew I had to keep it up, not just for my physical health, mainly for my mental health. But what happens when that anxiety or anger takes over, and you cant calm down. Dont Say Anything Until Youre Calm.
When someone arrives late, we get angry we start screaming at them without trying to know the actual reason. How can I keep calm when I'm angry. I must say that a well rounded practice has changed my outlook on life completely.
You allow yourself the time and space to understand your feelings and to rationally decide the best course of action going forward. Allow yourself to say that youre anxious or angry. I no longer see a need for argument, as I have come to learn that. Before you say something in anger, just assume how youd feel if someone said the same to you. You're also training yourself to be the emotionally mature and balanced person you want to be. Admit that youre anxious or angry.