Why is my vizio tv screen green

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Catina
The blinking problem with your Vizio TV may not be the result of problems with your TV. If I cracked the screen, it would be obvious why the display was messed up.
Reasons Why My Vizio TV Keeps Blinking. Check to see if the line is visible when using both devices. When you power cycle the TV, if the Vizio light lights up but the screen doesnt show the right images when set to a valid channel, it is probably the main board. If you first see the line while watching cable TV then try opening an Internet app.

The point is you want to look at the picture form at least two devices connected to the TV.

When a TV screen is green, it means that either the TV is not receiving any kind of video feed or there is an over-saturation of green. TV Spare Parts Replacement parts for Televisions. When I'm watching something on tv my screen is red in places that should be black or just in places that should have a dark color and I don't know how to fix this please help.