How to make formica countertop look like granite

Posted on 08.02.2019 by Admin
One problem with painting Formica is that its smooth and slippery, so the best way to get paint to adhere is to make the surface rougher. Kitchen Counter Renovation-How to Paint and Seal You Countertops to Look Like Granite.

There's a spray paint you can use to mimic a granite look which is available at larger hardware stores.

Formica is basically plastic that's applied over a wooden countertop frame to provide water resistance and a smooth, presentable work surface. Professional product formulated for plastic coated surfaces. How to Replace Formica Counter Tops With Granite Tile.
Giani laminate resurfacing system. I have a small bathroom countertop that needs updating. How to Paint Formica Countertops. DIY Painted Faux Granite Giani White Diamond Formica Countertops Bathroom Makeover. I am going to do this in my new laundry area with this old weird counter I got from my cabinets I refinished last year. Go to your local home improvement store and look for countertop refinishing kits, There are a few brands.