How to know when its time to let go of a friend

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Kara
Letting go of a relationship is one of the most difficult things you can do in life. When you really care about someone, you actually cant just let go of someone. Sometimes it takes a dramatic event, sometimes it takes a combination of several small episodes before you realize that its time to end a friendship. Women confess to hanging on to difficult friendships even when they know they are destructive.
Change can be hard, especially when it means letting go of someone you've loved or cared about deeply. The reason doesnt really matter, and I imagine her side of the story looks very different than mine anyway, so its all relative. But remember, life is situational.
Learn how to let go of a relationship and when it's time to drop someone. You also may wonder if you have made the right choice after ending the relationship, or struggle with a partner who tries to. It broke me up inside to the point where I felt consumed with anger, sadness, guilt, bitternessall ugly things. In the last installment of the Politics of Friendship, we recognize when to let go of a friend. We are creatures constantly adapting to our situation and environment. Taking a hard look at the quality and patterns of your friendship with someone will give you a better understanding of whether he or she is a friend worth keeping. But if the friendship makes you feel worse about yourself rather than better, then chances are it is unhealthy for your development as a person.