How to get wet look hair without gel

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Admin
If you want to get the wet hair look, wet your hair, then blow dry it or let it air dry until its just damp. Slick your hair straight back from the temples for. For tips from our Cosmetology reviewer on how.

Choose a hair gel based on the texture of your hair, because this product is key in achieving the wet hair appearance.

Now that the roots of your hair have a nice glossy finish, its time to focus on the rest of your hair. There are a variety of wet-look styles to choose from based on your hair's texture and length. Alwasy go with what is most healthy. It has no alcohol in it so It wont flake and dry out your hair. Use an extra-hold gel for thick hair and a normal strength gel or spray for thinner hair.
You can also comb pomade through your hair to create a wet look. How to Get the Spiky Hair Look for Women. The soft bristles on a boar bristle brush can help smooth back your hair and evenly distribute the hair gel without creating any bumps. Using a blow dryer causes damage and frizz. You cant get the look without it. If your hair is very straight, apply a generous amount of styling wax through your roots, and finish off the ends with gel. For all of these styles, though, apply gel liberally and avoid brushing the product out when styling.