Lg phone microphone not working

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Peggy
But people can barely hear me, if at all, from the phone mic which seems to be getting worse. Whenever I activate speakerphone but the other end can hear my voice because it looks like mic not working at speaker phone mode. Others cant hear you, but you can hear them without any problem If u having that issue, you can follow this post.

How to fix the Mic not working problem Here in below you can see the image, That image says to fix the mic problem.

Going to try cleaning it out and see what gives. The first step try to check the mic hole on the mobile phone, which covered the mic hole can result in imperfect voice caught by the mic, so whats wrong first checking the mic hole. I am thinking its becoming clogged with lint or dust or whatever. Just you may have to do two Works of your phone hardware area, Then it will work. When on earpiece they work like a charm. When I activate my speakers my microphone stops working. I keep my phone in my pants pocket most of the time and I find pocket lint often around the mic area.

How are you resolve this problem.

Any suggestion or advice is greatly appreciated. If it is ascertained mic hole no problem, try the next step. Also microphone didn't work when used my other applications like skype or hangout, but while using earpiece they are perfectly fine. Since I didnt discover this until I had the phone all set up to use with all my software, I hesitate to return it.