How to tell your boss you cant work late

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Marquitta
Keep all communication positive, or at the very least, neutral. You were going to wait until your next therapy session to talk about it, but its interfering with your ability to concentrate. It can be challenging to take a calm and reasoned approach to resigning if you've been mistreated or underappreciated. Say yes to more work on the spot.
I need a good answer to the question, What are you doing tonight. Buy yourself time by telling your boss you will evaluate your workload and get back to him. Overwork is not sustainable in the long run, she says. Dont overextend yourself all of the time. What do I say when George asks me, Why can't you work late tonight.
Dont mention that your boss showed up in a sexy dream last night. George seldom asks my coworkers with kids if they can stay late. To tell me that there's some urgent project I have to finish before I go home. Give them a heads-up when youre underwater so you dont erode trust. Keep your colleagues in the dark when your boss wont listen. How much information is too much.