Data roaming not working galaxy s3

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Vonda
Hi i have my internet settings switched on on my phone and data network mode is also on but my internet will not work. Toggling airplane mode seems fix the problem temporarily. I have spent a lot of time on the phone to Vodafone trying to resolve the issue and to date it is still unresolved. Since then, I've had two cases where I've left my home on Wifi and had no data connectivity.
In this phone you can also set your phone not to use data when you're abroad by turning off data roaming on your phone. Galaxy S III Android Development. Galaxy S III Original Android Development. I and Vodafone have confirmed that all my account settings are correct and that there are no bars enabled preventing access.
Do I need to enable certain stuff to keep them working. Since then, I've had two cases where. Anyone else with this same problem. Once you've done this steps, your phone will only be able to make a call, send messages and use apps that don't required an internet connection. When I enter the UK or Portugal I reset the phone and pick different networks and this has not worked.