Increase max number of connections oracle

Posted on 19.06.2018 by Jay
Maximum number of sessions exceed. I got an idea of the problem as the number of connections has exceeded the specified limit. Select your virtual server under the Virtual Server tab.

What's the best way, using SQL, to check the maximum number of connections that is allowed for an Oracle database.

For Oracle Database Enterprise Edi. The issue is that if the number of users increases dramatically, the all system will be. Note that the rejection of request only occurs for that particular time. I don't know what to be done on such a situation and hence I restarted the whole system, even though I knew that it shouldn't be done. These messages are generated by the Oracle database server when running any Oracle program.
Hi There, We have a system based on MapGuide Enterprise, the Autodesk. Is there any other way to force shutdown oracle in such a situation. We have been looking around in property files and OpenMQ docs. If a matching request is received while there are at least the specified number of requests being processed, the request is rejected.